Weight Watchers Diet Review

About the Program

Weight Watchers Diet Review – This program was developed in the decade of the 1960′s. It was a simple development, really.

A few friends decided that they should try to lose weight. They would gather together and discuss various strategies that would help them. They were sort of like “accountability partners” as far as their weight loss endeavors.

This program eventually started to grow. Now, to date, millions of individuals have taken part in this program. This program works to encourage others to make healthy eating and diet choices, and to take part in a healthy level of physical activity.

Weight Watchers introduced the PointsPlus™ plan in 2010.

Why make a change after 13 years of successfully using the Points Program?

Simply to bring you the best information available today. The PointsPlus™ program is the new way to lose weight developed by Weight Watchers experts.

This plan combines the most recent nutritional science with Weight Watchers proven approach to create the most effectual plan for making satisfying and healthy choices.

Weight Watchers Diet Review – PointsPlus™ Plan

All foods have a PointsPlus value. The value targets each food’s carbs, protein, fiber, and fat. Based on the nutritional science they’ve developed a formula that gives each value one number.

You’ll receive your PointsPlus target customized for you. No foods are restricted and you can eat what you love as long as you stay within your target number.

Healthy choices have been made simple, when you’re trying to lose weight you’ll be able to do it simply and choose low-calorie, low-carb, and low-fat foods. These foods also contain a list of “Power Foods” that are better nutrition and help you feel full longer.

Weight Watchers Online If you’re unable to schedule weekly meetings into your already busy schedule, the online program may be your solution. Follow the plan entirely online with their state-of-the-art and easy to use interactive tools. Access your plan info at home, the office or via mobile device. Make better food and exercise choices with over 1,800 recipes, 60 workout demonstrations and more.

Weight Watchers Online For Men This is exclusively online and customized for men! Although the PointsPlus plan is the same, it stops there. You’ll find daily articles and expert advice tailored to men, workouts built just for men and more to help you.

The PointsPlus Program: New from Weight Watchers® This plan replaced Momentum completely. This new program will bring you additional nutritious foods to sustain you longer and promote weight loss.

Learn more about Weight Watchers Meetings If you like a support group and to meet new people that are using Weight Watchers, you will love the meetings. This is a great way to make yourself accountable as well although weighing in is private.


You do not have to exercise, but it can be a very important part of the weight loss journey. Weight Watchers Online has workout demonstrations and more.


Weight Watchers Online averages about $5.00 per week – but they do offer specials such as a break in the price when you sign up for three months instead of monthly. (Prices are always subject to change).

Weight Watchers Diet Review – Pros

A very affordable plan
Programs for women and men
Choose meetings in your area or the online program
Foods and ingredients can be purchased at your local grocery
Literally thousands of meals and recipes available
Promotes exercise and assists with your plan
Proven success for over 40 years
Dining out has become easier with Applebee’s affiliation

Weight Watchers Diet Review – Cons

Counting food and activity values while on the PointsPlus program may take a little time to get used to.

Weight Watchers Diet Review – Summary

Whether you prefer the privacy of an online program or being able to socialize with people that are also losing weight and gaining a healthier lifestyle, this program has been a huge success for years. You’ll gain valuable knowledge to improve your eating habits and lifestyle. By making this a lifestyle – you can end “dieting”!

DietReviewsGuru.com is an advertising partner of Weight Watchers. This review is strictly the opinion of DietReviewsGuru.com.

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