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Last Updated: March 13, 2009

This page describes my Web Site Policies. I hope to earn and maintain your trust. I wish to make your online experience pleasant and enjoyable.

Privacy Policy

I value my privacy on the Internet. I choose to remain anonymous until I feel that a website or forum can be trusted with my personal information. And I believe that while you are a guest on my website, you should be afforded the same respect in your right to privacy.

Site policies that deal with privacy issues are important. You will find a comprehensive Privacy Policy to disclose my information gathering and dissemination practices for this website.

You can read my Privacy Policy here.

Terms of Use and Disclaimer’s Terms of Use and Disclaimer – every effort has been taken to design our Web site to be useful, informative, helpful, and honest.

All we ask is that you agree to abide by the following Conditions and Terms of Use. Please take a few minutes to look them over because by using our site you automatically agree to our Terms of Use. Naturally, if you don’t agree with our Terms of Use, please do not use the site. We reserve the right to make any modifications to our Terms of Use that we deem necessary at any time. Please continue to check these Terms of Use to see what those changes may be! Your continued use of the web site means that you accept those changes.

You can read my Terms of Use and Disclaimer here.

Affiliate Disclosure Policy is authored and maintained by myself, Ann Gobel. The reviews published on the this website are unbiased and are the objective opinion of

You can read my Affiliate Disclosure Policy here.