Volumetrics Eating Plan

About the Program

A well-respected nutritionist, Barbara Rolls, PhD, created the Volumetrics Eating Plan. She understands a human beings’ need to eat more food rather than less food, even when trying to lose unwanted weight.

Volumetrics is based on eating foods that have low-density energy rather than high-density energy. For example, foods that contain more water than heavy calories will fill you up make you feel satisfied, and help curb the cravings that come along with eating high-density energy foods. The diet focuses on eating more food, but foods that are not packed with calories.

Dr. Rolls says that if you’re told you can only eat a certain amount of food and nothing else, you might be able to stay on the diet for a short time, but will eventually break down and return to what is comforting for you – your old eating habits. Of course, the weight will also return.

She gives you plenty of tools with which to work in order to achieve your desired weight on the Volumetrics Eating Plan. The plan calls for learning how to choose low-density energy foods, keeping track of your food intake and exercise daily, and provides several recipes from which to choose so you won’t get bored or frustrated.

Foods You Can Eat

The focus is on foods with low-density energy, which are foods that don’t have a lot of calories.

Low-density energy foods

Soup broths
Non-starchy vegetables
Non-fat dairy products

High-density foods however pack a lot of calories in a very small serving. These are foods you want to avoid.

Potato chips
Desserts – cookies, cakes

Of course, Dr. Rolls encourages a healthy intake of water each day, 8-10 glasses, but drinking water alone will not fill you up and satisfy the cravings or hunger like eating the right foods will do for you. No foods are forbidden, so if you have a craving for that dark chocolate mousse, go ahead and indulge. Just don’t eat as much of it!


Dr. Rolls doesn’t tout a specific exercise program, but does say that you should work up to a minimum of 30 minutes of heart-pumping cardiovascular activity per day. As you get stronger and fit, work up to 60 minutes per day.


The book costs around $11.00.


Eat more food, lose weight
Feel full after eating instead of hungry
Focus is on healthy foods
No food is off limits
Over 100 recipes included
Teaches you how to choose healthier foods
Safe weight loss – 1 to 2 pounds per week
Not a diet, it’s a lifestyle


Recipes are based on making meals from scratch – time consuming for some
Water empties out of your body quickly – may feel hungry in between meals
A daily journal may be time consuming for some people
Slow weight loss – 1 to 2 pounds per week (too slow for those who want immediate results)


The Volumetrics Eating Plan is a solid and reasonable lifestyle of eating and exercising. It’s attainable and realistic. It’s not restrictive like many diets out there, so you’ll enjoy eating foods you love and foods that will keep the weight off for years to come. Dr. Rolls’ principles for losing weight slowly and safely are sound.

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