The Ultimate Weight Solution

The Ultimate Weight Solution – 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom also referred to as the Dr. Phil Diet has separated all the trends and fads and provided some real solutions for weight loss.

Dr. Phil, noted for his whole “get real” persona, has taken dieting and transitioned it into a realistic program.

About the Program

The Ultimate Weight Solution is a diet that was developed by Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil is a professional advocate of self-improvement and similar topics. He uses his “get real” approach in just about every aspect of his career – and definitely in his diet program.

This program is actually geared away from all those trends and fads that the dieting market is generally swamped with. Instead, it focuses on a very “real” approach to weight loss.

Dr. Phil believes that true weight loss comes from an integration of healthy habits. Healthy habits have to be acquired by the complete process of behavior modification.

The Dr. Phil Diet works on the notion of “7 Keys to Weight Loss”. These include:

  1. Thinking in the right manner
  2. Experiencing feelings that work toward healing
  3. Establishing an environment that is positive and productive to success
  4. Gaining control over the impulses that play a role in how you eat
  5. Incorporating foods that are high in nutrition in the diet
  6. Implementing a productive exercise program
  7. Having an effective means of support while dieting

Foods You Can Eat

The foods you can eat in this Dr. Phil Diet consist of those that work towards 1,200 calories on a daily basis. You can consume foods like:

- Chili with three different types of beans
- Moroccan Chicken
- Southern Baked Chicken
- Cheesecake
- Fudge pudding with a touch of mocha

The recipes of this particular diet program work to ensure that the right foods, with the right nutritional value are incorporated into daily dieting.


The exercises that are presented in the Dr. Phil Diet are a bit different than most diet programs. Most programs will tell you what to do, and not how to do it. However, this program instructs you on how to properly develop an exercise regime that is right for you and your health. It then teaches you the correct way to exercise.


The cost of The Ultimate Weight Solution book.


- Dr. Phil is a no nonsense type of professional that cuts out all the trends and fads that are associated with most other diets available to those seeking weight loss solutions. This diet is loaded with useful and practical information that everyone can benefit from.

- The diet is not some type of magic pill or similar program; it incorporates behavior modification which is the core element to success when it comes to weight loss.

- Many individuals are pleased that they can still eat the foods that they enjoy, with just slight nutritional modifications being made to ensure weight loss.


- Many individuals claim that the support system of the program is relatively low. If something is not understood, it is rather difficult to get answers in a timely fashion.


With 30 plus years of experience working with people with weight problems, Dr. Phil has given you the proven methods to lose weight and keep it off in The Ultimate Weight Solution.

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