The 3 Hour Diet Review

About the Program

Jorge Cruise used his own personal battle with weight loss to create this program in an effort to help others lose weight and be healthier. He advocates that when you eat matters the most.

The 3 Hour Diet is based on eating meals based on the following timeline: one hour after getting out of bed, you eat breakfast. Following breakfast, you eat every three hours. You’re
also to quit eating three hours before going to bed for the night.

The basic premise is that if you give your body fuel every three hours, your metabolism will increase and stay consistent, which means you will lose weight. He refers to turning off the body’s SPM or Starvation Protection Mechanism, which means by eating every three hours the body can’t go into starvation mode and can’t hold on to all the fat stores in the body.

In fact, Jorge Cruise claims that you’ll lose an average of 2 pounds per week and notice a significant decrease in abdominal fat as you combine the eating plan with some moderate exercise.

Foods You Can Eat

This plan allows you to eat anything you want to eat. Yes, even chocolate, dessert, and the occasional trip to your favorite fast food establishment. Jorge stresses that the timing of your meals is key.

He also says that your plate should be filled as follows: a Rubik’s cube size of carbohydrates, a protein about the size of a standard size deck of playing cards, with the rest of the plate (about one-half) filled with vegetables. There are allowances for comfort foods outlined in the program.


You will receive daily videos showing exercises for that day along with your membership. He says you only need 8 minutes of exercise a day in order to enjoy successful weight loss. You can also get Jorge Cruise’s books, which show the 8-minute exercise routines.


General Membership $5 weekly plus cost of access to website. Platinum Membership $12 weekly plus cost of access to website. The 3 Hour Diet At Home plan is $19.95 per day.
You receive three fresh meals, two snacks, and one comfort food per day by mail. There is a Gourmet plan that gives you a few more options to the tune of $24.00 per day.

You can also purchase The 3-Hour Diet book for around $10.00.


Frequent eating means you’re less likely to get cravings and eat when you shouldn’t eat
All foods are permissible
Appetite is controlled
Blood sugar levels stay consistent – no more highs and lows
Individual meal plans are provided for each member to save you time and effort
The body’s metabolism is kicked into high gear with frequent meals
Recipes are provided for you so you don’t get bored
Excellent support via e-mail messages and videos, not to mention the testimonials of others who have lost weight on the 3 Hour Diet
Moderate exercise only is required for success – 8 minutes a day
A more affordable alternative is purchasing the book


You must remember to take along snacks or meals when away from home so you’re not tempted to make unhealthy and untimely choices
The 3 Hour Diet can be somewhat cost prohibitive for some people given that it’s billed in 13-week installments
Sticking with the minimum requirement for exercise may not be enough for some people to lose weight as quickly as they would like


The 3 Hour Diet is a healthy and reasonable diet plan. You’ll enjoy frequent and satisfying meals every day. You’re only required to do 8 minutes of exercise per day – who doesn’t have that much time every day to get healthier? Thousands of people have seen impressive results on this diet. Stick to the guidelines of the diet and you’ll likely see results too.

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