Successful Weight Loss – Trick Your Mind

Successful weight loss is really about changing your mind or tricking your mind in some ways. Don R. Powell, the President of the American Institute for Preventive Medicine, has stated that a lot of the eating we do is psychologically based.

Is it really possible to trick your mind into helping you lose weight? Absolutely.

For example, smaller portions of food on a smaller plate tricks your mind into thinking you are getting a lot of food instead of feeling deprived.

You will find that you’re more satisfied over time if you eat from smaller bowls and plates and drink from smaller cups. Try this technique for a few months and see if you’re not eating less, but feeling satisfied at the same time.

Now, just because you know you’re using smaller containers, doesn’t mean you go back for seconds!

Dining out can be a challenge, but instead of getting anxious about it, try this tip.

When you order your meal, ask the waiter to immediately place one-half of your entrée into a to-go box and then ask him to serve you the other half of your meal on a smaller plate. Voila, you can trick your mind dining out too.

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