The Spectrum Diet

About the Program

The Spectrum Diet was created by Dr. Dean Ornish to help each individual understand the wide variety of choices in food, exercise, stress management, and lifestyle.

With most weight loss programs it’s all or nothing. However, Dr. Dean Ornish shows you that’s not the case! This program is not just about losing weight, it’s a scientifically proven program to help you feel better, live longer, lose weight, and improve your health.

Guidance is provided for various health related issues such as lowering your cholesterol, lowering your blood pressure, reversing heart disease, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, and prostate cancer. You’ll learn how to adapt your lifestyle to achieve results.

Stress management techniques such as guided imagery are also an important part of the lifestyle changes you’ll encounter. Learning how to de-stress is a huge step to improving your health and changing your eating habits.

You’ll discover the principles of nutrigenomics. This relates to the way food works with your genes and the impact on your health. Everyone has a distinct set of genes and we each respond differently to foods. You’ll learn how healthy foods affect your genes and improve your health.

Dr. Ornish explains in The Spectrum Diet, “Everything you do, including what you eat, your physical activity, and emotions interacts with your genes and impacts how the genes are expressed. Disease is the result of poorly expressed genes.”

The Spectrum Diet is a steady approach to a lifestyle change allowing you to find your place on the gamut and work towards your goals. The closer you get to the healthier end the quicker you’ll see and feel the results.

Foods You Can Eat

There aren’t any prohibited foods, instead you’ll find a guide to help you determine where you are on the spectrum based on your health and/or need to lose weight.

Foods are in groups ranging from one to five with group one being the healthiest and group five being the least healthiest.

The first group includes fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, soy products, egg whites, and non fat dairy.

The second group includes nuts, seeds, avocados, oils, low fat dairy, canned vegetables and decaf drinks.

The third group includes refined carbs, seafood, higher saturated fats, concentrated sweets and margarine.

The fourth group includes whole fat dairy, pastries, pies, mayonnaise, and high fat animal products.

The fifth group includes egg yolks, red meat, organ meats, hot dogs, fried foods, creams, butter, and tropical oils.

Unprocessed and natural foods are the preference, however, minimal indulgences are allowed. This helps to satisfy cravings but you do need to maintain portion control in order to prevent over-indulgence in your fat and sugar intake.


Exercise is an important component. You’ll find complete guidance on how often to exercise and what type of exercise to do depending on personal health. There are a variety of exercises and you’ll be able to customize your own plan based on those guidelines.


The cost of the book The Spectrum: A Scientifically Proven Program to Feel Better, Live Longer, Lose Weight, and Gain Health.


- The plan is for everyone, it’s flexible and meets individual needs
- It’s a gradual approach to lifestyle changes
- It works – it’s based on proven scientific research
- Promotes exercise and helps you customize a plan suited for your
- Acknowledges the role stress plays in your life and provides excellent techniques
- Includes a guided meditation DVD
- 100 delicious recipes by Chef Art Smith (also Oprah’s chef)
- Vegetarian friendly


- This will require dedication and commitment on your part because it is a lifestyle change, not only a way to lose weight.


Dr. Ornish thoroughly explains how the The Spectrum Diet works based on your individual needs and provides the guidance for you to accomplish your goals. It will be a lifestyle change that will take commitment and dedication on your part.

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