Special K Diet Reviews

About the Program

Special K Diet Reviews – Kellogg’s has brought their Special K Challenge online.

You can set up your own style of meal plan to fit your lifestyle needs.

Kellog’s claims if you follow their guidelines you’ll be able to shed six pounds in a two week period.

With their online program you have access to design your plan, take the Special-K Challenge, join the community for motivation and support, and purchase the various products that come with the meal plan.

Special K Diet Reviews – Foods You Can Eat

You can design your meal plan based on four different styles: Classic, Mix It Up, On the Go, and Chocolate Lovers.

The Classic Meal plan are for those of you that love the classics and want the essentials. The Mix it Up Plan is for foodies and people who love variety. The On The Go plan is good for travelers, busy moms, and busy people. The Chocolate Lovers of course are for “Chocoholics with serious sweet cravings”.

On the plans you will:

Start your day with:

Any Special K® Cereal, 2/3 cup skim milk and your choice of fruit, or have a Protein Shake or Protein Meal Bar.

Meal 2 – Replace a second meal with one of these yummy options:

Serving of Cereal
Protein Meal Bar
Protein Shake

Meal 3 – Eat your third meal as you normally do.
You can make this meal either the first, second or last meal of the day.

Snacks – Enjoy two great-tasting Special K™ snacks every day at any time:

Protein Snack Bars
Cereal Bars
Special K™ Fruit Crisps
Protein Water Mixes
Enjoy fruits and veggies as additional snacks.
Drink beverages as you normally do.


No recommendations


The website is free – you would need to purchase the food.

Special K Diet Reviews – Pros

Simple to follow
Promotes quick weight loss
Promotes eating breakfast

Special K Diet Reviews – Cons

Not a long term approach to weight loss or the healthiest choice to make
Gets boring rather quickly with the limited food choices
Although their cereal is high in calcium when served with milk, it’s not a great source of fiber and it’s not a whole grain
Doesn’t promote exercise

Special K Diet Reviews – Summary

This may be a good plan to follow for a couple of weeks to kickstart your weight loss but it doesn’t promote long term healthy eating lifestyle changes.

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