South Beach Diet Review

About the Program

If you’re looking for an effective program – the South Beach Diet Review will give you the information you need to decide if its right for you.

About the Program

This plan was created by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist, and was originally targeted to heart patients. The limitation of saturated fats not only helps control health issues related to the heart, it helps you lose weight and the maintenance plan helps you keep the weight off.

The program is set up in three phases and indicates that you can lose 8 to 12 pounds in two weeks by following it faithfully. Dr. Agatston also promises that the cravings for other carbohydrates and sweets will vanish due to maintained blood sugar levels.

South Beach Diet Review – Foods You Can Eat

Phase One:
During this phase which lasts for two weeks you will remove sugar, fruits, starches such as rice, pasta, and bread, milk, baked goods, and potatoes.

Three balanced meals and snacks will replace your normal diet and will consist of fist and lean meats, eggs, fresh vegetables, low fat cheeses, nuts, and beans.

Phase Two:

This phase allows you to start eating fruits, pasta and breads (whole grain) in moderation. You’ll be able to choose one carb to incorporate into one meal daily for a week.

Then you’ll be asked to wait a few days to make sure you aren’t gaining weight. If you aren’t you’ll be able to incorporate one more carb daily until you reach the point you are able include 2 or 3 healthy carbs daily.

There isn’t a time limit on this phase, you’ll be on it until you reach your goal weight.

Phase Three – Maintenance:
To ensure your success, this phase teaches you to follow everything you have learned previously to maintain your weight loss.


No specific exercise is given.


The cost of The South Beach Diet book which averages $16 and up.

South Beach Diet Review – Pros

- It’s affordable
- It is healthy and supports foods that help reduce heart disease and high cholesterol
- New release in 2008, South Beach Diet Supercharged
- An excellent maintenance plan to assist you with keeping the weight off and eating health

South Beach Diet Review – Cons

- No specific exercise program included
- Unless you are a diabetic, research proves sugar levels remain stable even when you eat a candy bar.


The South Beach Diet does provide recipes and you can also buy the line of diet foods in your grocery if you prefer not to cook. It does have a success record with thousands of happy clients. You will need stamina to get through the first and second phases with the elimination of sugar and certain carbohydrates. If you don’t have a problem with those cravings or are willing to give up those foods, this may be the diet for you.

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