Skinny Bitch Diet

About the Program

The Skinny Bitch Diet was created by Kim Barnouin and Rory Freedman. And from the title you’ll find the book was written with attitude and wit. It may be offensive to some and to others an “in your face” but witty book.

This is a “vegan” lifestyle as much as it is a diet. Products that come from animals, processed foods, foods that can be bought at fast food restaurants and similar items should be eliminated from your diet. The authors believe a whole, natural vegal diet makes you healthier, energized, and happier… as well as skinny.

The book also goes into animal rights as well as talking about how the USDA and government could care less about our health so they can keep making the big bucks. You are What you Eat goes into detail of the treatment of animals – if you’ve considered a vegan lifestyle – this may be the right book for you.

Foods You Can Eat

You can actually consume as many foods that you like that are loaded with carbohydrates. With this diet, there are some restrictions, though. These restrictions include the following:

  1. You are not permitted to consume anything that has a dairy base.
  2. There is absolutely no consumption of meat on the Skinny Diet.
  3. You cannot indulge in sugar and/or sweeteners.

You are encouraged to consume natural foods like fruits, and vegetables.


The Skinny Bitch Diet book doesn’t address exercise at all. It focuses more on the foods you can eat and changing your eating habits.


The cost of the book Skinny Bitch. And to get you started cooking vegan/vegetarian style… they have also created Skinny Bitch in the Kitch which has almost 200 pages of recipes.


- A safe, effective means of losing weight and keeping it off

- The book to the diet reads relatively quick as it is both enlightening and entertaining

- It’s affordable

- Vegetarian and vegan friendly


- One of the main complaints of this diet is that it fails to delve into the topic and importance of exercise on the whole.

- The authors do not have any specific specialized education and training


The authors of Skinny Bitch say it the way it is – they call sugar the “devil” and call themselves “pigs.” They live and believe in the Vegan lifestyle and they provide a lot of good information on how to live this lifestyle. You will find references of scientific evidence to back their recommendations and claims.

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