Perfect Body Plan

The Perfect Body Plan is your guide for implementing a Fitness Plan that will help you feel good about yourself, be healthier, and get you in great physical shape!

About the Program

When you think of a “perfect body” – do you immediately start envisioning someone else that you think fits that bill?

The awesome thing this program teaches you is to create your own “perfect body” – which means being the best “you” that you can be.

The focus of this program is education and exercise.

Food You Can Eat

There isn’t a defined eating plan or diet with this program. However they do provide healthy eating tips and give you direction for the best types of foods to eat.

Vitamins are an important part of this plan, however they recommend you consume vitamins naturally from food. They do give you guidelines for natural vitamins such as eat sweet potatoes and carrots for Vitamin A, whole grains and green leafy veggies for Vitamin E and more.


Their fitness program is excellent and it takes into consideration your fitness level. With three levels of exercise, they cover Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, and you’ll be on each level for one week.

You will have cardiovascular exercises which burn calories quickly and you’ll combine this with one of their plans which burns fat. There is no guessing involved, you will have a detailed plan for each day, what activity you will be doing and how long you do each activity.


The cost of the eBook.


- They address motivation and education
- Teaches you goal setting
- Nutritional and Vitamin Refresher
- Detailed workout regimen
- Affordable


- Doesn’t supply a diet plan


The Perfect Body Plan is healthy and gets you back in shape. You’ll tone your body and build your strength. With a range of plans to fit the needs of everyone from beginners to advanced, you’ll be able to follow the program.

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