Medifast Diet Review

Medifast Diet Review… This plan was created by William Vitale, M.D. in 1980 due to the rising obesity problems. It was sold to physicians to prescribe to their patients that were obese and overweight. Since then over fifteen thousand doctors have recommended or prescribed this plan for safe and fast weight loss.

About the Program

The nutrition plan is low glycemic, high protein, and rich in nutrients and vitamins which makes it safe for people with Type 2 Diabetes as well.

Studies were conducted by researchers from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. You will find these studies and the references on their website.

The success stories of every day people, just like you and I, are inspirational and motivational!

With Medifast you can stop counting calories and carbs, eat often, and enjoy the diet meals delivered right to your door! With over sixty plus meals, you won’t have to give up taste and your dietary needs will be catered to. Medifast plans include low glycemic, vegetarian, lactose free, and kosher and meet the needs of diabetics, men and women.

Medifast Diet Review – Foods You Can Eat

The Medifast 5&1 Plan gives you a variety of over sixty choices which includes five meals daily. Foods include fruit drinks, hot drinks, iced tea, shakes, oatmeal, stew, scrambled eggs, chili, meal replacement bars, puddings and more.

You’ll also prepare your own Lean & Green Meal once daily. You can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner or anytime that works better with your schedule. The Lean & Green meal consists of lean meat such as turkey, fish, chicken, pork, shellfish, lamb or beef (with meatless options as well), and three servings from the vegetable list such as brocoli, salad greens, tomatoes, spinach, eggplant and more. You can also use condiments from the list, up to three servings.

In the weight loss phase of the plan you will eat more of the lower-carb vegetables and in the maintenance phase you will start adding the higher carb vegetables back into your diet.

You’ll eat often, every three hours to prevent hunger, and you drink sixty-four ounces of water (you can also drink your favorite calorie free drink).

Packages that are offered for men and women are the four week package, enhanced four week package, and Momentum weight loss package. For diabetics, you can choose the four week package or enhanced four week package. They also offer a two week package if you want to try it before opting in to the four week package. You will need to try it for at least two weeks to allow your body the time needed to maximize its fat burning potential.

Medifast Diet Review – Exercise

You’ll find guidelines for exercising at Medifast’s website to help you succeed with your weight loss. They provide tips for how to exercise, when and the type they recommend so you’ll be able to implement a consistent schedule that will work well in your new healthy lifestyle.

Medifast Diet Review – Costs

The two week packages are $154.50 and the four week packages start at $299.50, depending on which package you choose to go with. When you sign up for one of the programs you also have several options to choose from which will save you a substantial amount of money. (Prices always subject to change)

Medifast Diet Review – Pros

- Convenience of Pre-Packaged Foods
- Affordable
- With Medifast you can lose 2-5 pounds a week
- Recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980.
- A wide variety of meals that are completely nutritional
- A detailed maintenance and transition plan
- Online support community
- You can get a free Health Coach
- Exercise guidelines

Medifast Diet Review – Cons

- Once we’re used to pre-packaged food it can be harder transitioning back into a normal cooking routine, but Medifast does have options to help you with the transition.

Medifast Diet Review Summary

With a track record of twenty plus years and over one million people, Medifast is a proven solution to weight loss and achieving long-lasting health. Their products have the High Fullness Index™ which prevents hunger, helps you lose weight quickly and safely, and teaches you to eat healthier. It may work for you.

Medifast does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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