The Macrobiotic Diet

About the Program

The Macrobiotic Diet combines the influential elements of Zen Buddhism and the vegetarian style of eating that is customary in the Western area of the world.

This particular diet program was established in Japan, many years ago. This is a spiritualistic approach to dieting that many individuals find quite appealing.

The word Macrobiotic actually means long, great life. If you are ready to change your attitude about life, convert your lifestyle into a healthier one, and achieve spiritual enlightenment on the whole, this diet is quite likely the right choice for you!

This particular diet program works to balance the foods that are consumed in a “Yin and Yang” type style, based on the ever-popular Eastern philosophy that governs natural balances in life.

The concept is based on the theory that if the foods are balanced in the diet, then the health of the individual participating in the Macrobiotic diet will be appropriately balanced. Here, you will discover about certain elements of this particular diet program.

Foods You Can Eat

There are certain characteristics that are considered when it comes to separating and balancing foods in this particular diet. These characteristics include the sour and sharp qualities of food, as well as the bitter and sweet components of the foods. Foods that are considered to be sweet and cold with a hint of a passive quality fit into the “Yin” aspect of the balancing system. Foods that are considered to be salty and hot with a hint of aggression fit into the “Yang” aspect of the balancing system.

The foods that fit right into the Macrobiotic Diet are often plant-based and should be natural organic based. You may also enjoy an assortment of different fish types. It is believed that these types of wholesome foods will prove very beneficial to not only weight loss, but your health as a whole. It’s believed the foods in the Macrobiotic Diet contain high levels of nutrition and that many sicknesses, chronic conditions, and diseases can be avoided on this program for weight loss.


Exercise is not emphasized.


The cost of the Macrobiotic Diet book.


- You will be introduced to foods that sway away from the processed, unhealthy types and will get to indulge in natural ones that are whole and organic.
- The diet program is not just about losing weight, it is about achieving a balance in your health.
- A healthy diet which is high in fiber and low-fat


- There is not a strong focus on the types of exercises that should be pursued.
- There are no scientific conclusions that prove that the program is 100% effective.


If you haven’t followed a holistic lifestyle you will find it requires dedication and a complete lifestyle change. Organic foods cost more which is why people that lead this type of lifestyle grow their own vegetables. It is a very healthy lifestyle and one you can lose weight and keep it off if you are dedicated to it.

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