Valerie Bertinelli – Losing It and Keeping Fit DVD

About the Program

The Valerie Bertinelli: Losing It and Keeping Fit DVD is a nice compliment to any fitness routine. It features some traditional but solid exercises that really do work to help you lose weight, tone, and develop muscle.

You’ve probably seen Valerie Bertinelli on television promoting Jenny Craig’s weight loss program. She herself has proven that the program works. The exercises on this DVD are the exact ones that Bertinelli used to lose weight and keep it off. She does the exercises right along side her personal trainer, Christopher Ross Lane.

Three Workout Levels

Level 1 – 20 minute workout without weights
Level 2 – 30 minute workout with weights added
Level 3 – 40 minute workout with added cardio exercises
Also includes a 10-12 minute abdominal workout
Bonus: interviews with Bertinelli and her trainer about how she lost the weight and has kept it off

The Losing It and Keeping Fit DVD is the perfect exercise program for anyone just beginning to exercise. It’s also good for intermediate and advanced fitness levels, especially if you have limited time on any specific day.

Foods You Can Eat

The DVD doesn’t include menus or meal plans, but that’s to be expected given that Bertinelli follows the Jenny Craig program. It would make sense that a balanced diet of whole foods would go hand-in-hand with this DVD.


Obviously, this DVD shows you all the exercises you need to tone and get fit as you lose weight and to maintain your weight loss. The proper form is shown for each exercise. It’s encouraging to see the difference in Bertinelli and know these are the exercises she used and still uses to maintain her level of fitness.


The DVD costs around $12.99.


Three workout levels – great for beginners or experienced
These are the actual workouts Valerie Bertinelli used to lose weight and tone up
Short workouts – can fit into any schedule
Simple workouts – easy to follow
Combination of strength training and cardio included
Workouts performed by Valerie and her personal trainer, side-by-side


No diet plan or eating plan included
Exercise only on this DVD
Bertinelli tends to whine a bit during each exercise
Not as challenging for some people


Valerie Bertinelli’s Losing It and Keeping Fit DVD provides three levels of fitness workouts that incorporate cardio and strength training. The exercises are tried and true and will help you to lose inches and tone up as you lose weight. They’re not so difficult that you’ll be discouraged, so you will want to keep using it. It’s inexpensive, which means it fits into just about every budget. Valerie Bertinelli is the perfect example of what eating right and exercising can do for anybody.

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