Joys Life Diet

About the Program

Joys Life Diet – The Four Steps to Thin Forever was created to help you change all of the negatives in your life and acheive a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Created by Joy Bauer, she is recognized as a leading nutrition authority and is the nutritional expert for “The Today Show”.

She has proven her methods work with people throughout the country in the segment “Joy’s Fit Club”. These are normal everyday people that have lost 100 plus pounds with Joys Life Diet and are waking up full of energy and zest!

The word “Life” in her book title stands for Look Incredible, Feel Extraordinary and seems to fit well with the responses of people that have followed her program and done very well.

There are four steps to the program:

Step 1. Release: This is the transformation period, 7 days that will include reduced calorie meals, at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise a day, and lots of water to flush your system so you start seeing results.

Step 2. Relearn: This 2 week period helps you reprogram your appetite. You’ll start incorporating more healthy foods and snacks into your diet and step up your workouts.

Step 3. Reshape: This period lasts for as long as it takes to reach your goal and includes building a new attitude toward food and fitness!

Step 4. Reveal: Celebrate your weight loss and share the joy of success and work on your maintenance plan to stay healthy and fit!

Foods You Can Eat

Joy has made the scientific equation of food, health and weight loss her life’s work and Joys LIFE Diet makes it so easy! With her step-by-step plan, your menu will consist of “good” carbs, “good” fats and lean proteins, tons of vitamin and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, and yummy “extras” like dark chocolate!


Joys LIFE Diet Custom Fitness Planner will allow you to exercise at your own pace, building strength and burning calories as your body gains momentum. The best part? You don’t have to be a slave to the gym to see results! 30 minutes of cardio daily will get you there and keep you there!


The costs of Joy’s LIFE Diet: Four Steps to Thin Forever book.

You can also compliment her book with her online program. With the online program you get the Life Diet tools which includes hundreds of recipes, custom meal planner and shopping list, custom fitness plan, nutrition lookup and food log, calorie calculator and activity calculator, weight tracker, inch tracker, message boards and support and more tips to help you out. The cost is $4.00 weekly billed every 13 weeks.


- Flexible and easy to follow plan
- Created by a nutrition expert
- Complete list of foods and these can be purchased at your local grocery
- Online program for additional information and support
- Focuses on healthy foods and exercise with a maintenance program
- Focuses on foods your entire family can eat
- Long term results to help you acheive your healthy lifestyle


- None noted.


With a clientele that includes high-profile professionals, celebrity actors, fashion models, and Olympic athletes, Joy Bauer has a proven track record that shows the results the Joy’s Life Diet delivers. Last year on the Today Show she invited Today viewers to sign up for “Joy’s LIFE Diet Challenge.” In a 3 week period Fit Friends lost a combined total of 77 pounds and Motivated Moms lost a combined total of 48 pounds. Although one team was a winner in the combined total weight, with those kind of figures no one was a loser!

Start Joy’s Life Diet for free! As seen on the Today show!

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