Jillian Michaels Making the Cut Review

About the Program

Jillian Michaels Making the Cut is a dynamic program. She is an expert in the area of physical training and fitness.

She decided to implement a diet program called Making the Cut because she realized that there are many myths surrounding general weight loss.

She wanted to cut to the chase and provide you with real information that you could use to lose weight, and keep it off.

This program will allow you to become the best physical you that you can be within approximately thirty days.

It is based on the principle that you should know and understand the process of oxidizing so that you can become aware of what type of metabolism that you have. By determining this, you will be able to lose weight that is consistent with your body as an individual.

Foods You Can Eat

In this program, you are introduced to three different classifications of oxidizer levels. These are slow, then balanced and the last is fast.

There are many different recipes that are provided with this diet program. All of them are distinguished towards your type of oxidizer level. It is believed, on Jillian Michaels Making the Cut diet program that if you consume foods that are appropriate to your oxidizer levels, you can optimize your metabolism level.

The calorie outline and the overall meal plan in the Making the Cut diet program is strictly outlined. The actual foods that you can eat will be based on what is appropriate for you as an individual, and your weight loss and health needs.


Jillian Michaels emphasizes that exercise is necessary for weight loss and physical fitness on the whole. In the Making the Cut diet program, she outlines what is expected as far as exercise based on your overall level of health.

There are exercises that are specifically outlined in the program. Furthermore, she offers a number of supplemental materials, such as exercise DVD’s, to assist you in developing an exercise program that can be effective for your personal health needs.


Purchasing the book Jillian Michael’s Making the Cut Jillian Michael's Making the Cut book.


- Real information is provided so you can reach a high level of physical fitness.
- The program is very affordable.
- The program works on the notion that both physical fitness and nutrition are the key components to success when it comes to weight loss goals, as well as the overall health of an individual.


- If you want to lose more than twenty pounds – this program won’t be right for you.
- The oxidizer concept that this diet program is established around is not proven scientifically.


Jillian Michaels Making the Cut is famous for the no nonsense approach to physical fitness and explains the importance of metabolism when it comes to shedding those unwanted pounds. Although accomplishing this in 30 days may not be doable for everyone – the approach she uses is extremely healthy and will definitely present a lifestyle change very worthwhile.

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