Jillian Michaels Diet Online

Jillian Michaels Diet Online – You’ve seen Jillian Michaels kick butt on NBC’s Biggest Loser TV show, now you can lose big with her online!

About the Program

Jillian’s online program is customized for you personally. She uses what she calls the “triple-threat” approach which includes Self, Science and Sweat. She provides all the tools you need.

Self is you changing your lifestyle behavior in order to lose weight (if you need to), maintain that weight loss, and get yourself into shape physically and emotionally. Tools to help you:

- Get personal advice and inspiration from Jillian
- Check the message boards daily for motivation
- Meet online buddies to share your goals with and give and receive motivation
- Jillian’s program – 7 Steps to Behavioral Modification
- Interactive Weight Tracker

Science is learning to eat right for your personal body and metabolism. Tools to help you:

- Meal Plans and Menus for your body type
- Customized info on your metabolic rate
- 100 delicious slimming recipes
- Special food guides to help you eat right

Sweat – get ready to train your body. If you want to get healthy you have do some serious training to lose that weight and be healthy! Tools to help you:

- 120 printable exercises you can do from home
- A fitness diary
- A complete muscle guide
- Cardio workouts that are fun

Foods You Can Eat

Jillian Michaels diet has no foods off limit. Her statement is:

Banning certain foods from your eating plan will leave you feeling deprived. It’s just a matter of being conscious and careful of how often and how much. It’s fine to have a piece of cake every now and then, just not every day, and not the whole cake. It’s math – burn more calories than you eat. It’s that simple.

Your plan will be customized and you’ll receive your meal plans daily. You can also view a week’s worth of your meal plans and generate a shopping list. The meal plans also give you options – if you don’t like a meal you can change it. If you are going to eat out – you can do that to.

The meals are “real food” and delicious. Some examples:

- Breakfast: Hotcakes with Blackberries
- Lunch: Asian Chicken – Almond Salad with Orange
- Snack: Famous Red Team Puffs
- Dinner: Autumn Glazed Pork Chops with Green Beans, Asparagus, and a Glass of Milk


On the Jillian Michaels Diet your fitness level profile will create a plan customized for you that you can view daily or weekly. You even get 2 days of rest!


The Jillian Michaels Diet online plan is $4.00 weekly – billed every 13 weeks for a total of $52.00. Specials are also run occasionally!


- You get all the weight loss tools you need which include calorie counter, weight tracker, fitness planner, Ask Jillian personally and more!

- All meal plans and menus – you can also generate a shopping list

- Extremely affordable

- Free diet profile and fitness profile

- Online community, weight loss buddies, motivation, inspiration and more

- Fitness is a huge focus – so you won’t only lose weight but you’ll keep it off and get healthy




Jillian Michels Diet Online in an all-inclusive program. Her “triple-threat” approach covers everything you’ll need to lose the weight and keep it off, achieve physical fitness, and give you the motivation and opportunity to make a real and lasting healthy lifestyle change.

Meet Your Online Coach: TV’s toughest fitness guru’s NEW workout to drop that weight!

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