Jenny Direct

About the Program

Jenny Direct, also known as Jenny Craig at Home, is a meal delivery program with all of the tools and support you get with Jenny’s in-center program.

If you have a busy lifestyle or live too far away from one of the centers, this meal delivery program may be a great fit for you.

With the at-home weight loss program you will still get all of the benefits you would from the center. You’ll start with a phone call with your trained consultant to plan your menus and activities. You’ll also discuss strategies and receive tips to get you started.

You can choose from two different at-home programs, Premium Success and Trial Membership. The Trial Membership is a special offer (limited time available) and may work for you if you only have a few pounds to lose.

Premium Success is a 12 month program that features planned and personalized menus, personalized exercise and motivational plans, weight loss and weight maintenance manuals/guides, weight maintenance support online, 24/7 customer care support, cash incentives for reaching milestones, 10% off non-food products, and exclusive access to educational videos.

Foods You Can Eat

Jenny’s Cuisine® provides over 80 entrees and snacks to choose from.

You’ll have three meals and one snack. Some of the foods you can choose are French Toast, Blueberry Pancakes & Veggie Sausage, Breakfast Stuffed Sandwich, Turkey Club Panini, Swedish Meatballs, Pesto Pizza, Spaghetti with Meatballs, Teriyaki Glazed Salmon, Fish and chips, S’mores Bar, Double Chocolate Cake, or Bruschetta Veggie Chips.


Exercise is an important component of this plan. Your consultant will provide a personalized activity plan based on your current activity level. Weekly you’ll review your progress with your consultant and your plan will be updated accordingly.


The cost is approximately $70.00 weekly plus shipping. (Prices always subject to change)


One on one personal consultant and support via phone
personalized fitness plan
No measuring or counting
Option of delivery every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks
More than one meal plan to choose from


You will have to purchase some grocery items such as veggies and fruit.


Meal delivery is a convenience and Jenny Craig is well known for helping people lose weight. Jenny Direct allows for in-home privacy and convenience – but it may not be as rewarding as being able to physically meet with people at the center weekly.

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