I Can Do This Diet

About the Program

The I Can Do This Diet by Dr. Don Colbert is an encouraging approach to weight loss. It includes six meals per day – three main meals and three snacks. He recommends you eat every three hours so your metabolism is boosted and you won’t experience hunger pangs that make you want to eat unhealthy foods.

Dr. Colbert outlines his approach to weight loss very simply. He says that most people fight their body to lose weight instead of working in harmony with the body. A medical practitioner himself, Dr. Colbert recognizes that it’s important to learn how to eat for a lifetime rather than just following a fad diet that will likely cause you to gain all your weight back very quickly.

The I Can Do This Diet includes answers to frequently asked questions about weight loss and dieting in general. The concept of how the glycemic index works and is important information for successful weight loss is straightforward and makes sense. He also includes helpful information regarding grocery shopping, supplements, healthy snacks, and tips for eating out without guilt.

Foods You Can Eat

Along with healthy whole food choices for each meal, you’ll take a fiber supplement. Examples of foods you can eat (just to name a few):

Brown rice
Reduced-calorie cheese
Wheat crackers
Chicken breast
Green tea


Dr. Colbert encourages you to exercise to not only lose weight, but to keep it off. He cites several celebrities in his book who state they hate to exercise, but realize it’s essential to staying healthy.


The I Can Do This Diet by Dr. Don Colbert costs around $16.49.


Promotes a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise
Six meals per day – three main meals and three snacks
Won’t be hungry
Helps to curb and eventually cure cravings
Teaches you why diets fail
Information provided on the glycemic index and how it affects weight loss/gain
Meal plans and recipes provided
Encourages proper portion size
No counting calories


Eating plan is realistic, but drastically different than what some people are used to eating
Fiber supplements rather than fiber-rich foods are recommended
Taking fiber supplements for an extended period of time is not recommended by health experts


Dr. Colbert’s I Can Do This Diet is not touting any real new information or breakthroughs. However, he does bring to light reasons why we are not losing weight and then he provides the solution to that problem. The foods he recommends are delicious and healthy and will help you maintain your weight loss once you’ve reached your desired weight.

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