Healthier Cooking Methods

Previously we discussed Alternative Methods of Cooking. I was asked to expand on that so we’ll discuss some additional healthier cooking methods.

Healthy Cooking Substitutes

Marinating foods adds flavor and helps tenderize meats. Instead of buying prepackaged mixes, make up your own using fresh spices and herbs.

When you bake goods, use whole grain or whole wheat flour. These are much healthier than processed white flour.

When you’re baking a cake, brownies etc., replace the oil with pure apple sauce. Apple sauce will give it the moisture that it needs and it won’t change the flavor of your baked goods, and you’re cutting calories and fat.

Think high fiber when you’re baking breads or muffins, add fiber such as oatmeal, wheat germ, or bran.

For each egg – replace that with two egg whites.

Spice it up when you bake and replace sugar with spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, cardamom, or caramel.

Instead of using cream sauces, use herbs and spices for flavoring in vegetables, meat, and fruit dishes.

Swap your sour cream for nonfat sour cream, yogurt, or cottage cheese and add a touch of dill for flavoring. Another great substitute is Greek yogurt – great taste with less calories and fat.

Instead of cream cheese try blending one-quarter cup of fat-free margarine with one cup of low fat cottage cheese. You’ll eliminate fat and calories!

I’ve also found that most recipes call for a lot more sugar than necessary. Cut the required sugar amount by one-third and you’ll find it’s still excellent.

Healthier Cooking Methods

Cooking Spray is recommended for replacing oil or butter when you’re cooking but I’m not crazy about that. If it’s organic I will use it on occasion, however regular sprays have ingredients I won’t use. Instead of cooking spray, try using vegetable stock to cook with. Use a non-stick skillet with a little stock, it works great.

When you’re going to use stew, soup, or stock – make sure to remove the fat first.

Sauté food using non-stick cookware to eliminate fat. Sauté using broth or wine, it adds great flavor and reduces fat.

Microwaving foods is quick and it doesn’t add calories or fat.

Braising is also a good alternative. Brown your ingredients in a pan – add a small amount of water or vegetable stock to finish cooking.

When you’re looking at your recipes, look for the above ingredients and make changes. You’ll still have a great tasting dish minus some unneeded fat and calories!

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