Gabriel Method Diet Review

About the Program

The Gabriel Method teaches you to lose weight without dieting, but instead focusing on eliminating the real reasons you are overweight.

Author Jon Gabriel faced his own real life predicament with being obese. On September 11, 2001, he was booked to fly from Newark to San Francisco on United Airlines Flight No. 93 that was hijacked, but a change of events kept him from that flight. Talk about a wake-up call!

Jon was also dealing with some other life changing events that made him realize how important life is. At 400 pounds he knew something had to change.

With his background in biochemistry, he decided it was time to apply his scientific background and research skills to understanding the reasons he had become obese and how to eliminate those reasons. He lost 225 pounds without dieting or surgery and now shares with you how it’s done.

In his book he explains “internal logic” and this establishes how thin or fat you are. When you want to be thin, it becomes easier to lose weight because you’ll desire healthier foods. This in turn increases your metabolism and fat burning process.

Instead of the constant battle to lose weight, you learn how to work with your body’s internal logic to promote weight loss and keep it off.

Foods You Can Eat

The Gabriel Method teaches you that starvation in any form, be it mental or physical, prevents weight loss by the signals you’re sending to your body. Each time you deprive yourself of nutrient rich healthy foods and reduce your calories dramatically, your body construes that as “being under attack”.

Other factors that contribute to your body’s deprivation include stress, lack of sleep, and exposure to toxins in the environment.

The foods recommended on his plan are whole fresh foods as often as possible and using processed foods as little as possible. These foods promote a balance between insulin and leptin which are the hormones that can cause weight gain when you don’t eat properly.


Exercise is promoted. Staying active is very important to weight loss and maintenance. He recommends any activity that you enjoy doing so you’ll continue to do it. But he also recommends interval training with walking and sprinting to burn more calories.


The purchase of his book, The Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body.


- Jon teaches a healthy lifestyle change for weight loss
- Jon teaches you how to eliminate the mental and emotional issues that cause your weight loss
- Promotes exercise and physical activity in various forms


- This doesn’t have a specific meal plan set up.


The Gabriel Method is not a “quick fix” but instead if a lifestyle changing program that can easily be followed and become a permanent lifestyle change if you so desire. With the teachings he provides to overcome psychological issues, he also explains and promotes visual aids. His program is endorsed by the American Holistic Medicine Association. If a holistic approach to weight loss appeals to you, this may be the program for you.

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