eDiets Review

eDiets Review – eDiets.com knows that not every diet works for every individual and allows you to select and customize a plan that works for you! With several plans to choose from you will be sure to find one right for you!

About the Program

This online weight loss program has covered many plans in order to help you get the one that works the best for you. Plans include:

- eDiets Weight Loss Diet
- eDiets Meal Delivery Plan
- Season Diet
- Glycemic Impact Diet
- Mediterranean Diet
- Bill Phillips Eating for Life
- Wheat Free Meal Plan
- Low-Fat Plan
- Living with Diabetes Plan
- Heart Smart Plan
- Cholesterol-Lowering Plan
- High-Fiber Plan
- Hypoglycemic/Low Sugar Plan
- Healthy Soy Plan
- Vegetarian Plan
- Lactose-Free Plan

Foods You Can Eat

The foods will depend on which diet plan you choose to go with. you will have access to weekly menus, recipes, grocery lists, and you will be able to customize your plan according to your personal preferences.

With eDiets.com you’ll also have access to support forums and tools to assist you. The nutrition tracker keeps a record of your weight, meals, and exercise. You can also track your blood pressure, cholesterol, protein, carbs, and calories.

Live chat is also available so that you can speak to professionals. Informative articles and news is also part of the online program.


All of the diets inclue a free fitness plan which is designed for your goals and fitness level. You’ll receive workouts for your level and a virtual trainer (Video or 3D demos) as well as online support from fitness professionals.


The cost is approximately $18.00 monthly (this excludes the meal delivery plans) which is billed monthly.

eDiets Review – Pros

- An excellent choice of diet plans available
- Meal delivery plans deliver fresh food weekly instead of frozen.
- You can personalize your plan
- Online support and community as well as professionals to assist you
- Free Fitness Plan included
- It’s affordable

eDiets Review – Cons

- Previously the site was more difficult to navigate and there were some problems in early 2008 when they made a major upgrade to the website. It has been reported that those issues have been cleared up and business is back to normal.

eDiets Review – Summary

eDiets.com is definitely a comprehensive online weight loss program.

Having access to fitness and nutritional professionals is very comforting when you are trying to lose weight and need your questions answered. You will be able to access this help through email or live chat. With so many programs available and community support – you will have motivation and someone to answer your questions.

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