Eat This Not That

About the Program

Eat This Not That is a different approach to dieting – authored by David Zinczenko, Men’s Health Editor in Chief, and Matt Goulding, Men’s Health Nutrition Editor, this book is a tool for making healthier choices in food.

Zinczenko and Goulding reveals their “insider” information from restaurants and the amount of calories in foods served. The information they provide helps you make smarter choices when eating out.

The book is small enough to take with you anywhere and the layout is very user friendly. You’ll find the recommended foods to eat on the left side of the page under “Eat This” and the foods you shouldn’t choose under “Not That”.

You’ll also find the book invaluable at the supermarket, coffee shops, casual restaurants and more.

It blew my mind when I found out the cheesey french fries at Outback that I love are 2,900 whopping calories! And you’ll be surprised to find out how many calories are in some of your favorite foods!

Foods You Can Eat

In the book, Eat This Not That, the cover a huge variety of American cuisine and many of the most popular places to eat. There isn’t a set meal plan in the book, instead it shows you how to cut the “empty” calories in foods.

However, the online program brings you more options and more updated information. The online program offers meal planning tools and filters that let you drill down by your favorite foods, calories, fats, and other nutritional information. You’ll also get access to complete menu nutrition data for over 60 restaurants, compairson tools that make swapping foods easy, decision tools, shopping lists and more.


Exercise isn’t discussed in the book.


You can purchase the Eat This Not That 2010: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution book for around $13.00.

David Zinczenko also has added the Supermarket Survival Guide: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution and the Restaurant Survival Guide: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution to help you keep on track.


- An excellent educational tool for dining out
- The program helps you eliminate empty calories if your lifestyle includes eating out a lot
- The book is small enough to take with you anywhere you go


- Exercise isn’t a part of this but it’s not an actual diet book, it’s purpose is to educate you on the best choices for dining out


Eat This Not That includes easy to read charts, graphs, pictures and information that is very organized and easy to follow. It also links to the Men’s Health Magazine that has a great comparison between similar products. The online program offers more that the book and has continuous updates as well.

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