Eat Right for Your Type

About the Program

The Eat Right for Your Type diet program was developed by a doctor named Peter D’Adamo.

Blood type diets are based on eating the right foods with your specific blood type.

The specific blood types are A, O, B, and AB and based on Dr. D’Adamo’s theory there are certain foods that are appropriate for specific types of blood that are not appropriate for other specific blood types.

This book works to educate you on which of these food types are appropriate and which of these food types are not for you as an individual.

Dr. D’Adamo has established that our digestive system is highly affected by the blood type that we have. While many foods are relatively decent for the health of some people, other people do not benefit at all from those foods.

Blood types and contents within the blood also play a large role in whether or not you will be more susceptible to acquiring certain medical conditions. Your blood type should also be considered in establishing your exercise regime.

The Eat Right for Your Type plan integrates all of these components into one and makes it simple for you to achieve the weight loss that you desire, and assists you in optimizing your overall health.

Foods You Can Eat

In his book he specifies a section on each blood type and you will find information for:

- Foods that encourage weight gain
- Foods that encourage weight loss
- Foods highly beneficial to your blood type in all food categories
- Foods that are neutral based
- Foods to avoid
- Meal planning with sample meals and recipes
- Supplement advisory
- Exercise
- The personality question


Exercise is promoted and the suggestions for the type blood you have are connected with stress and overall health improvement. For example I’m blood type A – Tai Chi Chuan and Yoga are highly recommended to reduce the stress levels with this type. Even though I do strength training and aerobic exercises throughout the week… Yoga, Tai Chi or something similar are to improve breathing, posture, and give me the relaxed atmosphere needed.


The cost of the book Eat Right For Your Type. Dr. D’Adamo and Catherine Whitney also created Cook Right for Your Type which includes over 200 original recipes and 30 day meal plans for your specific blood type.


- You get all of the information you need in one book
- Clear instructions for what you eat and how to exercise for your blood type
- Promotes healthy eating


- To date there isn’t any research or clinical data that backs the theories in this book.
- While there is a large focus on eating appropriately to the actual blood type, there is less focus on the behavioral changes that are required to be successful.

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