Eat More Weigh Less

About the Program

Eat More Weigh Less was created by Dr. Dean Ornish as a means to not only lose weight but to greatly improve your health.

This program is based on his research called the “Lifestyle Heart Trial” and many other recorded controlled clinical studies that were conducted to prevent and reverse heart disease.

Throughout all of this research it was evident that this eating style not only helped to prevent and reverse heart disease, it also resulted in weight loss.

Forty percent of daily calories are fat in the average American diet. Many diet programs allow your fat consumption to be thirty percent of your daily caloric intake. But in order to keep your fat intake to that level daily you have to constrain your portion sizes which in most cases leaves you feeling hungry and/or deprived.

With Eat More Weigh Less your daily fat intake will be ten percent or less but you’ll be eating more food. How can this work?… As Dr. Ornish explains, it’s the type of foods you eat and exercise that allows your body to burn more fat effectively.

Foods You Can Eat

With Eat More Weigh Less you won’t have to count calories, you will change your eating style and eat a low fat, high fiber vegetarian diet. If you can’t give up meat completely, he recommends you consume as little as you possibly can.

When you are hungry you can eat beans and legumes, fruits, vegetables, and grains until you are full.

Non-fat dairy products, frozen dinners such as Life Choice, fat free desserts (no sugar) should be eaten in moderation.

Avoid meat, olives, nuts and seeds, fish, oils, margarine, dairy products (with the exception of the above), alcohol, sugar, sugar derivatives, and prepackaged foods that contain more than 2 grams of fat per serving.

The high fiber foods will help you get full faster and maintain a feeling of fullness longer all without increasing the amount of calories you consume because of the types of food you’ll eat.


Exercise is a very important part of this program and should become a lifestyle change. You’ll incorporate thirty minutes of moderate exercise daily or an hour three times weekly. He also highly recommends stress-management techniques which can be yoga or meditation or something similar.


The cost of the book Eat More, Weigh Less.


- Eat when you are hungry and until you are full
- Exercise is promoted
- Eat healthy whole foods
- You don’t have to count calories or measure portions
- The book has a sample week’s menu and a guide for low-fat cooking
- You’ll find many recipes to get you started


- If you are a meat lover there will definitely be an adjustment to this program, however you can still eat meat in very limited portions.


This is a lifestyle change and will take dedication to stay on. Because of the research and success of reversing and preventing heart disease, if you do have a family history of heart disease, it’s a program that can change your life.

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