The Chefs Diet

About the Program

The Chefs Diet is a healthy diet plan that was under the former name of ZoneChefs.

This program is a bit different than most standard diet programs as it actually implements the use of a diet meals delivered program bringing you the foods that are required to be successful in the program.

When you receive a delivery, you are issued enough food for an entire week! The meals are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients that are highly nutritious and also display a high quality when it comes to overall appeal and taste. In some areas, like the southern region of California and the tri-state area in the state of New York, meals may be delivered on a daily basis.

The doctor that created the Chefs Diet, Dr. Sears, created this particular diet plan by taking a certain percentage of carbs and a certain percentage of fats that are considered to be good to the body and proteins in order to come up with an effective weight loss plan.

Dr. Sears seemed to have developed the perfect formula for dieters. The percentages included 30% of productive fats and proteins, and 40% carbs. In addition to this, he ensures that all of the meals that are sent to the Chefs Diet participants are professionally created. Due to his research, and the development of this particular diet, he was recognized on a high scale and issued a Nobel Prize.

Foods You Can Eat

This has been hailed as America’s only five star diet based on the outstanding food selections. You will receive three meals that are considered to be gourmet that you can indulge in daily as well as two snacks for each day. You may elect foods from a Kosher diet, ones from a vegetarian diet, and even from the premium diet. While you may not specifically choose the meals, you are considered in the preparation of the meals – which are prepared by professionals only! The foods are based on a principle which is referred to as the 40:30:30 Principle. This means the food will be 40% carbs, 30% protein, and even 30% productive fats.


Exercise is actually left up to you. You can discuss training and exercise with a professional trainer, work out with friends, or implement any other type of exercise program you choose.


The costs associated with the Chefs Diet start at $9.99 daily. However, this cost may actually increase depending on which package or plan you choose. There are varying costs associated with the overall personalization of the Chefs Diet as well.


- The meals are delivered to you.
- Each meal is prepared by a professional based on the diet, and any special needs of the participant.
- Overall energy levels have increased.
- The overall body mass has been found to drastically decrease in a short amount of time.
- It has a proven success rate.


- The quality of the food has conflicting reports.
- Having diet meals delivered can be costly.


If you like good customer service and the convenience of packaged meals delivered to your door, the Chef’s Diet may be the program for you.

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