What are low carb dieting plans?...

In today's market you'll find many weight loss programs that revolve around carbohydrates. Low-carbohydrate programs are also referred to as controlled carbohydrate, low glycemic, and reduced carbohydrate programs. The programs vary in the foods you eat, some will eliminate carbohydrates while others focus on foods high in sugar and starch.

So how do you decide if this is the right weight loss program for you? One way is by looking at the weight loss programs you've been on before. What type of diets have you tried... what did you experience on those diets... were you able to stick with the program or did you give up?

Did you feel the urge to eat even though you had just eaten or when you weren't hungry? Have you felt groggy or extremely tired and have problems concentrating? Have you just finished a meal but you still want to eat? Do you feel especially tired or sluggish after eating foods high in sugar and/or starches?

If so you may be sensitive to glucose or carbohydrates and this type of diet may be best suited for you.

Low Carb Dieting Plans Reviewed

Sugar Busters Diet Plan


About the Program Sugar Busters Diet Plan is a low glycemic, low sugar, high fiber diet that stresses the fact people eat way too much sugar, in fact as much as a pound per week. This weight loss program will re-educate you in reducing the amount of sugar you eat as well as how to eat it. Sugar and other high carb foods increase the production of insulin which stores unnecessary fat in your body. Eliminating these high carbs decreases the fat. Foods You Can Eat This program eliminates foods that are high in the Glycemic Index. The Glycemic Index rates all food by the effect it has on insulin levels in the blood. Some of the foods elminated by the Sugar Busters Diet Plan are pasta, … [Read more...]

South Beach Diet Supercharged


About the Program The South Beach Diet Supercharged: Faster Weight Loss and Better Health for Life is the latest and greatest program by Dr. Arthur Agatston. A food lover's diet that is all about loving what you eat, living well, and living longer and healthier. Although it's based on the original concept with three phases, Dr. Agatston and Dr. Signorile, an exercise physiologist, created a three phase workout that will help you lose the weight and keep it off. Foods You Can Eat The first phase is for two weeks and it helps eliminate cravings and kick-starts your weight loss. The second phase is the long-term weight-loss phase and helps you steadily lose the weight. The final phase … [Read more...]

South Beach Diet Review


About the Program If you're looking for an effective program - the South Beach Diet Review will give you the information you need to decide if its right for you. About the Program This plan was created by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist, and was originally targeted to heart patients. The limitation of saturated fats not only helps control health issues related to the heart, it helps you lose weight and the maintenance plan helps you keep the weight off. The program is set up in three phases and indicates that you can lose 8 to 12 pounds in two weeks by following it faithfully. Dr. Agatston also promises that the cravings for other carbohydrates and sweets will vanish due to … [Read more...]

Atkins Diet Review


About the Program Atkins Diet Review - Dr. Robert Atkins launched this low carb diet plan in 1972 and it's still promoted after all these years. The theory behind this weight loss program is ketosis. Dr. Atkins explains it this way... carbohydrates are your body's main source of energy. When you decrease the amount of your daily intake of carbs - your body starts to consume the fat that is stored in your body for energy. Carbs stimulate your body to produce insulin which in turn allows excess carbs to be stored as fat and your blood sugar level will become stable. By consuming more protein and fats, you'll feel more satisfied and less hungry. The Atkins Diet has four … [Read more...]

Atkins Advantage


About the Program The Atkins Advantage is a twelve week low-carb, high protein plan designed to help you lose weight, achieve a high fitness level, and reach your life goals. This plan is authored by Dr. Stuart L. Trager, Orthopedic Surgeon and 8-Time Ironman, and Colette Heimowitz, Spokeswomen for Atkins. Dr. Trager attributes the original version by Dr. Atkins for the excellent fitness health he has. Based on the original proven theory and book by Dr. Atkins, this program has been updated to be an all-inclusive 12 Week Program that includes the nutritional approach, exercise and motivation needed to be successful. Foods You Can Eat This diet plan is a low carbohydrate, high … [Read more...]