Healthy Dieting

Healthy dieting plans are developed with unique nutritional and exercise needs to help manage various health related diseases.

There are also programs that are healthy created for the various lifestyles people have.

With all of the options available today in diets, whether they are vegetarian, low carbohydrate, or any other type, no one diet works for everyone.

Personal preferences govern the eating plans people choose.

Healthy Dieting Plans Reviewed

Healthy Vegetarian Diet


About the Program A healthy Vegetarian Diet is more of a lifestyle rather than a diet plan. It’s based on eating wholesome foods while excluding red meat. A desire to lose weight is the primary reason most people switch to this type of diet, but it’s also a lifestyle that is gaining popularity each year. Vegetarians do vary their diet somewhat depending on how strict they’ve decided to be with their food choices. For example, a lacto-ovo vegetarian will include eggs and dairy in their diet. A fishetarian or flexitarian will include fish in their diet, but no red meat. The good thing about a vegetarian diet is that it’s one of the healthiest ways to eat since the … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Diet Plan


The Mediterranean Diet Plan is different - it incorporates exotic and interesting foods... not foods that resemble cardboard with a bit of seasoning. So if you're looking for something different you've found it! About the Program The Mediterranean Diet Plan has many characteristic details that make it relatively appealing if you want to shed a few pounds. The first distinct difference between this diet and other diet plans is that you will get the opportunity to indulge in foods that are native to the areas that lie along the border of the Mediterranean Sea. Colorful olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables, and even distinct red wines are not unusual on this menu. This … [Read more...]

Mayo Clinic Diet


The Mayo Clinic Diet is a healthy diet plan that teaches you to eat right so you can lose weight, maintain your weight loss, and greatly improve your overall health. About the Program This diet program is based on clinical research conducted by the Mayo Clinic. It focuses on more than weight loss, it focuses on your overall health. You'll follow four vital components: 1. Eat Well using the food pyramid used for the plan. 2. Move - You need exercise whether it is adding more physical activity to your life or a fitness regimen. 3. Goal Setting - Recognize your important goals and keep them realistic to help you stay motivated and successful. 4. Motivation - Staying motivated will … [Read more...]

Low Glycemic Diets


About The Program Low glycemic diets reduce the possiblity of gaining your weight back. In a report from The American Medical Association Journal it was stated that losing weight with a low GI diet kept the weight off longer than people on a low-fat diet. Weight loss itself can be the reason for re-gaining weight. Calorie restrictions (especially high restrictions) cause you to become hungry more often and it also slows down your metabolic rate which in turn slows down the amount of fat and calories you burn. The carbs on this type of diet are absorbed more slowly. This keeps you from getting hungry as quickly. Refined carbohydrates are absorbed and processed quickly in your body and … [Read more...]

Eat More Weigh Less

Eat More Weigh Less

About the Program Eat More Weigh Less was created by Dr. Dean Ornish as a means to not only lose weight but to greatly improve your health. This program is based on his research called the "Lifestyle Heart Trial" and many other recorded controlled clinical studies that were conducted to prevent and reverse heart disease. Throughout all of this research it was evident that this eating style not only helped to prevent and reverse heart disease, it also resulted in weight loss. Forty percent of daily calories are fat in the average American diet. Many diet programs allow your fat consumption to be thirty percent of your daily caloric intake. But in order to keep your fat intake to that level … [Read more...]

Dash Diet Guidelines


About the Program The Dash Diet Guidelines has a proven track record to lower your blood pressure and help you achieve weight loss. You are at risk for heart disease if you don't get your blood pressure lowered. Although this program wasn't created specifically for weight loss, it has been proven scientifically to help you lose weight and lower blood pressure. Additionally it has been proven to lower cholesterol and inflammation. This plan was created by the US National Institutes of Health and comes highly recommended by The National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute, The American Heart Association, and the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Many doctors also recommend … [Read more...]

Anne Collins Cholesterol-Lowering Diet

Anne Collins

About the Program Anne Collins Cholesterol-Lowering Diet is completely planned to help you lower your cholesterol and make a healthy lifestyle change in your diet. She has based cholesterol and fat values from the recommendations of The American Heart Association and The National Cholesterol Education Program's Expert Panel on Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Cholesterol in Adults. This 28 day meal plan includes menus, recipes, and each meal includes details of calories, total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol. Daily caloric intake is 1,200 calories and includes 22 grams daily total fat, 4 grams daily of saturated fat, and 120 mg daily of dietary … [Read more...]