Bill Phillips Eating for Life

About the Program

The Bill Phillips Eating for Life diet program is a 12 week program that is designed for individuals who are serious about their health and losing weight.

It is focused on providing you the information that you need to lead a healthy, happy life at an ideal weight.

The author outlines some behavior modification strategies in the diet program that can assist you in making the lifestyle changes that are necessary to accommodate natural and healthy living management
techniques for life.

There are portion guidelines and other techniques that have proven to be successful for many in the area of physical fitness offered in this diet program.

Foods You Can Eat

Bill Phillips Eating for Life program has a lot of direction in the foods that are permitted. He believes you should consume at least six meals a day in small portions. If you can fit the meal in the palm of your hand – this is an ideal serving. You will be able to eat different fruits, several vegetables, and even a large amount of proteins. The program has many different types of foods that can be consumed – and even allows for a little cheating here and there.

Bill’s recipe for success is combining 4 ingredients:
the right foods… in the right amounts… with the right combinations… at the right times.

The foods you can eat are not boring on this weight loss program. You’ll find dishes like:
scrambled eggs, ham, and cheese on toast
tacos with creamy salsa
steak with oriental noodles
snacks such as an apple and cheese
strawberry banana nutrition shakes
and even fortified fudgesicles!


The great thing about the Bill Phillips Eating for Life diet program is that he mixes the components of healthy eating and healthy exercise. You will be expected to workout at least six days of the week. You are permitted to take a day off, but it is best to exercise on this day as well. You will be given many different options when it comes to exercise, but most all of them are geared around cardio exercises and even those that implement the use of weights. While the program is not pushy in this area, it offers a number of important resources, tools, and strategies and delivers them to you to help you succeed in your weight loss goals.


The costs of the Bill Phillips Eating For LifeBill Phillips Eating for Life book.

If you like the support of an online program, you can also get this diet plan at eDiets.


The exercise program that is part of Bill Phillips Eating for Life diet program is highly detailed – this ensures that you get the exercise that you need.

You are permitted to have one day a week where you can eat what you want and also reduce or eliminate the exercises with the program.

This little break will work to refresh you for the upcoming week.

You will consume at least six meals a day, so you will not experience that starving sensation on this diet.


None noted.


Eating for Life is a well balanced lifestyle changing program. It’s healthy and teaches you all the key components to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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