Anne Collins Diet

About the Program

The Anne Collins Diet provides you with 9 different diet plans that are successful in eliminating unwanted pounds, and developing healthy eating habits.

She is certified in nutrition, and has provided helpful advice concerning weight loss and physical fitness to about a quarter of a million people to date. Her opinions and findings have been featured in a large number of newspapers, magazines, websites, and more!

She has researched information that has been successful in a number of other diets, and combined the elements of that program into her own regime.

She believes that healthy advice, and staying motivated when you are in a diet program is essential to success. In addition to this, not experiencing hunger while on the diet is also essential to success.

The Anne Collins Diet is unique because she actually offers nine different diets. These include:

- 14-Day Low Calorie Booster Diet
- Vegetarian Diet for Life
- Vegetarian Quick-Start Diet
- Diet for Life
- Cholesterol Lowering Diet
- No-Nonsense Balanced Diet
- A Healthy Low-Carb Diet
- 10-Minute Meals Diet
- Low Glycemic Index Diet

Foods You Can Eat

With nine different programs that you can choose to participate in, there are many different types of foods that you can eat. She feels that it is important that you are able to eat the foods that you enjoy, with only paying attention to the amount of calories, carbs, and fats that you consume. You can eat virtually anything that you want as long as it meets the health needs that you have.


Although there isn’t a lot of information on the website about exercise – there is a lot of information provided once you join the program.


It costs $20 on an annual basis to join the online program. This is a bargain when it comes to diet programs, especially one that caters to more than one type of program!


- Anne Collins Diet gives a 100% guarantee on her weight loss programs
- It’s extremely affordable
- She provides weight loss tools and articles
- Online community and forum
- Normal foods required so there are no extra costs for special foods
- No supplements required


- Some foods considered unhealthy such as fast foods, however her guide for fast foods chooses the healthiest available.


Anne Collins Diet plan teaches good eating habits and gears you towards lifestyle habits that will keep the weight off and help you become healthier. Even though the idea of allowing fast foods would be considered “unhealthy” – it is a fact of life that many people eat fast foods daily. Learning what to choose as the most healthiest foods at a fast food restaurant is important.

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