Successful Weight Loss Tips – Adopt The Right Attitude

Adopt The Right Attitude

Remember the mini-goals mentioned before? Develop the right attitude toward weight loss and you’ll have another powerful tool for achieving your ultimate goal of losing weight and keeping it off for good.

Most of us like to focus on the outcome, or try to imagine what we’ll look like after the 20 or 40 pounds comes off of our body.

However, if you focus instead on the process of arriving at your goal, you’ll be much more motivated to stick with your plan.

For example, make a mini-goal of including 15 minutes of cardio activity a day and perhaps three days a week of strength training or stretching and you’ll get excited when you achieve these smaller goals.

Make sure to specify both short-term and long-term goals for yourself so you can see your progress as you work toward the ultimate goal.

Exercise should be fun! Get involved in activities you love, not ones you hate to do. Is the outdoors calling you? Go hiking, walking, bicycling, or roller-blading for 30 minutes and you’ll have your cardio knocked out for the day.

Perhaps you prefer to exercise in the privacy of your own home. Turn up the music and dance your heart out or do some kickboxing and punching.

The key to exercise is to stick with the activities that work for you!

Have A Bounce Back Plan

You’re going to slip up now and then because you’re human. It happens. But, don’t fall completely off of the wagon if you make a poor food choice one day or don’t fit in your exercise for that day.

Life can sometimes get the best of us and we end up berating ourselves for missing a workout or for eating that piece of coconut cream pie.

Guess what? It’s ok!

The key here is to determine why you made a poor food choice or why your exercise was missed. Once you’ve determined that, come up with strategies that will enable you to overcome these obstacles when they arise again (and they will).

Family cookouts or restaurant get-togethers can be especially difficult when it comes to making healthy food choices. However, before you go out, have a plan in place so you know how you’ll deal with the food choices available to you for that meal and don’t waver from your plan.

You’ll enjoy yourself more knowing that you made the best choices you could for your body.

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