Abs Diet Plan Review

About the Program

The Abs Diet Plan is one of the highly recommended weight loss exercise programs and it was created by David Zinczenko, editor of the popular magazine, “Mens Health.”

The idea it was based on is that many people in the world want to tone and build their body. Many techniques are used to accomplish this task. One of these techniques includes consuming food frequently throughout the day. Certain foods are more appealing than others and they work to build and define your muscle mass.

The Abs Diet Plan works with these considerations in mind so that you can lose weight, and tone up those undefined and often weak muscles in the body. You’ll find it
has basic fat loss principles in place so you can easily accomplish your weight loss and bodybuilding goals.

This particular program takes all of the secrets that many professional athletes use in order to maintain muscle mass, lose fat, and increase overall tone and definition in those areas of the body that are often problems.

In the Abs Diet Plan, naturally the midsection is defined as the target problem area. Solutions are offered on how to increase the appearance of the abdominal area.

Foods You Can Eat

The Abs Diet Plan is quite unique when it comes to the foods you can eat. There is a meal plan that is set up for a seven day period. These meal plans are created around the use of twelve different foods that are considered to be power foods.

It is important, while on this weight loss exercise program that you avoid the temptation to indulge in foods that contain carbohydrates that are considered to be refined. You should avoid processed foods, those that contain a lot of sugar, and “fatty” meats.

The Twelve Power Foods:

Almonds and various types of nuts – specifically the ones that have skins on them

Different types of beans and legumes

Unsweetened and unflavored oatmeal (instant)

Cottage cheese, Fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt

Green Vegetables – especially Spinach

Raspberries and other types of berries

All natural and sugar-free peanut butter


Olive oil

Cereal and Bread – whole grain only

Lean meats

Whey powders that are loaded with proteins and more!


The Abs Diet Plan is absolutely loaded with information and requirements on specific exercises. The exercises for this program work to strengthen the groups of muscles located in the legs, the back, the abdomen, the chest, and other areas of the body. Exercises are considered to be power exercises. They often use weights, and
intense physical fitness activities that can enhance the overall look and shape of the body. David Zinczenko also states that cardio exercises that are light should be performed in thirty minute intervals on a regular basis.


The cost of the Abs Diet BookAbs Diet and Abs Diet Workout DVD.Abs Diet Workout DVD


This program is extremely comprehensive in outlining the fitness techniques and eating plans.

Eating 3 meals daily with a snack prior to each meal you won’t encounter starvation.

The prices that are paid for the products offered by Abs Diet are actually quite reasonable when compared to similar diet programs.

You have the ability to experience the program online prior to payment.

This is a great option for individuals looking to lose weight so that they can tone up certain areas of the body – like the abs.


This diet does encourage spot reduction. Researchers have recently concluded that it is impossible for spot reduction to occur.

It’s “guaranteed to give you a flat stomach and great physique in just 6 weeks.” This may be possible if you only have a few pounds to shed, but it’s not realistic for someone that has a lot more weight to lose.


The Abs Diet Plan does offer a healthy way of eating and a fitness regime so you will become healthier. It is a known fact that healthy eating and exercise does help prevent several diseases including heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes and more.

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